SCWRW was established in Baidoa 05/03/2002 by a group of Somali intellectual after assessment and consultations with some of the civil society parties including intellectuals in the region those agreed the requirement of such local NGO that makes an active role in the service of Somali children to be inevitable.

In the above context the intellectuals who carried out this activity of foundation, have assigned and held accountable for themselves to help, rehabilitate and develop their distressed Somali children those have been hurt by the subsequent civil conflicts, which has caused more children to be neglected, orphaned or joined armed militia

In addition, SCWRW not only advocates all important child rights that have not been obtained by the children during the over decade civil conflicts and the existence of the former regime, but also expresses its role of restoration the normal life of the children in particular the distressed and disadvantage ones in the collaboration stakeholders


  • Providing basic education and vocational training to children, adults and the youth particular those who have been or unable to attend formal schooling systems and Providing Education relating to child’s education, and participation to both host and IDP communities

  • Encouraging in a way that children are protected against all kinds of exploitation by parents, War lords, Militia officers, Government and community members and advocating for children living in special difficult circumstance, such as, street children, displaced and exploited children and allow them to play their role in the family and community level

Principles & Core Values